Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wrazy?

Wrazy is an All in One Sales & Marketing Growth System to Power Your Business.

Do I have to use every feature and tool the software comes with?

No, you can choose which features of Wrazy you want to use based on your purchase intent and the features you need to help you manage your business.

When can I start using Wrazy? Do I need to download the software?

Wrazy is a cloud-based solution, therefore it does not need to be downloaded. Once you purchase it your account will be created and you can start using the software. Your Wrazy login will be sent to the email you provided to sign up.

Why is there an onboarding fee?

The onboarding fee is charged so that we can make sure you are getting the most out of your Wrazy. We will help you get set up and activate the features you need the most to get you started.

How long can I expect it will take to get set up with Wrazy?

Post-purchase, you can log in to your account and can start using Wrazy right away. The launchpad guide will get you set up with the basic elements. Then during your onboarding calls, we will help you set up the features most important to your business.

Can I take advantage of other features within my Wrazy plan if I don’t set them up right away?

Absolutely. You can decide to take advantage of any of your features within your Wrazy plan at any time.

What level of customer service is provided with the Wrazy?

We provide customer service via email, live chat, or SMS. You will also have full access to our online Support Center, which includes help documents, video turtorial, and advanced traning.

How do I download our Mobile App?

You can download our lead connector mobile app for free from Google Play or the Apple store. You will be able to log in with the same credentials you use on your desktop. Make sure you turn on your notifications so you can be notifi of any notifications.


Streamline Sales

Generate More Leads

Build Your Brand

Impress Existing Customers

AutomButtonate Tasks


Streamline Sales

Generate More Leads

Build Your Brand

Impress Existing Customers

Automate Tasks

Generate Leads


Online Appointment Booking

Automated Nurture Sequence

Email & SMS Marketing

Phone System & dialer

Lead Auto Follow-Up

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